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DFM Logistics Consulting & Service suppliers, is an independent management consultancy specialized in all aspects of commercial and operational supply chains processes. We provide high quality, practical strategic advice across all industry sectors involved in the Logistic Chain throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Our experienced team, proven by more than twentyfour years in the Logistics Business, comprise full time Specialist Consultant, and supported by "Professionals affiliate" present in the major markets around the world.

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DFM Logistics mission statement

Mission Statement

DFM Logistics Consulting & Service supplier is an independent company dedicated to successfully providing logistics services and solution by utilizing companies, methods and technology leading the own segment and that are always meeting the best industry standards. We shall accomplish these high standards of quality performance through the active participation of the organization's most important resource, our employee team members, "Professionals affiliate" and partner-suppliers.

Our Mission

Our mission and motivation principles are simple and straightforward. We, as independent company, will provide our clients with logistics solutions that meet business requirements and are implemented within the agreed time frame and the right balance between costs and services level. The network, and all the prospected solutions must provide the basis to create a competitive advantage for the client. Solutions and work designs processes will enhance the ability of the clients to make positive and rewarding contributions to the business.


our services

Quality Commitment Statement

DFM Logistics Consulting & Service supplier, believes that principal-centered leadership, based on integrity and respect for all individuals, promotes a culture that satisfies the needs of our customers, employees and "Professionals Affiliate". We must provide on-time, top quality services that add value for our customers. Each employee and "Professional Affiliate" shall be considered a "customer'' of an internal or external process controlled and executed by others. Recognizing the interdependency of all processes in our organization and their contributions to our service performance, we shall support individual efforts to identify and remove obstacles that interfere with the achievement of our corporate goals. We shall commit necessary resources to promote efficient, quality-based performance. Working together as a team, we shall promote creative thinking and a shared vision to continually improve our service.

Available Services

DFM Logistics Consultancy


-Logistics Strategy Development and Network Optimization
-Distribution Center & Warehousing
-Traffic Flown Improvement for Export and Import
-G.S.S.A. services
-Industrial Material Handling Solution Design and Implementation
-Information and Control System Design and Implementation
-Operating System and Organization Design
-Training Program and Operational Assistance
-Market research for logistics purpose
-Service Level Agreement
-Logistics Products Design and Implementation

DFM Logistics Road Freight

Road Freight

Small or Big size transportation by road will be handled with the maximum care and you will profit from the independence and market knowledge that DFM Logistics can offer to you. Even in presence of groupage shipments or by a full load, two deliveries or more than hundred daily, at DFM Logistics you will have one contact partner for all matters. The physical transport will be carried out by the most suitable service provider to Italy, Europe or to any location in the world. Our transport management Plan is always assuring the complete monitoring from the load till the final delivery, with accuracy, transparency and process control. Reporting or any kind of performance analysis can be provided on request. Many other options tailor made for customer needs are available.

DFM Logistics AIR and SEA


Our experiences as independent Services Supplier, with years of practice in the Air & Sea world, can assure to your goods the right handling and the respect of the delivering deadline. We can provide tailor made services for each product range applying always the best practice by whether weight or commercial value. Main advantage for our clients to utilize DFM Logistics is that we are able to deliver the capacity that you need, where and when.

DFM Logistics IATA Codes
To provide You the best service in any time, DFM Logistics makes available the last updated list of all IATA Codes.

IATA Codes
DFM Logistics Incoterms 2010
To make any business relationship clear and error free, DFM Logistics provides the complete list of Incoterms 2010.

Incoterms 2010


Company Solutions

DFM Logistics Project Focus

Project Focus

DFM Logistics Consulting & Services Supplier is committed to requirements driven approach for the whole logistics process. Clear understanding of the business requirements, strategic, customer service oriented, financial, growth, supplier and cultural are the prerequisite for success.

DFM Logistics Busines Mapping

Business Mapping

From the start we are focused on providing solutions designed to meet the current and emerging needs of your business. We observe, listen and carefully document your company's business and logistics support requirements. Using transactional data that you supply, we quickly model the current and future state. From this foundation we create a comprehensive strategy, tactics and design focused on achieving customer satisfaction and business goals.

DFM Logistics Options for Development

Options for Development

Processes evolve and develop over time within any operation. We involve clients' operational staff in workshops to combine their business knowledge and ideas with our technical expertise and industry experience. The output from a review of processes is a set of clearly defined process maps, showing the physical activities and connected systems processes.

DFM Logistics Options Analysis

Options Analysis

Our benchmark establishes how You stand against both the industry peer group and our best practice model. Cost profiles clearly identify discrepancies between where You are and where You should be.
All key cost drivers are assessed in terms of the correct and forecast business volumes.
Our experienced team gives practical guidance through the implementation of our recommendations. Negotiations with third party contractors are supported with clear independent reasoning.

DFM Logistics Solutions


We will deliver solutions' benefit from our unified and neutral approach: Your individual situation is at the centre of things. The complete environment is taken into consideration - from procurement through to distribution, from stocking policies through to legal customs requirements.


We develop integrated solutions for our customers that take account of all the tasks and aspects of logistics – from purchasing to distribution – from supplier to the final customer.
Our customers benefit from an international network and databases.
We deliver final solution that will contain information and benchmark about customs and foreign trade regulations, which helps them to maximize your flexibility and to react quickly on market changes.

Ideal Solutions

DFM Logistics is able to provide Process Engineering as foundation of all Logistics Solutions.

As industrial engineers, our focus is making sure that requirements are understood and that any feasible solution is developed and implemented according to the customers need. At DFM Logistics Consulting & Service Supplier, we understand all the aspects related to the Logistics Chain. The tools and the technologies we employ in our designs are only tools that enhance or enable effective and efficient processes.
The process engineering approach permits us to explore and test alternatives and in discussion with those who will use and maintain the design process for years to come. Assisting our customers to build and sustain Logistics Processes from the foundation till the implementation are the best demonstrated practices and are our goals and commitment.


Clients List

DFM Logistics for dng garage affoltern am albis

DNG Garage

DNG Garage is one of the most famous and respectable Auto Garage in Affoltern am Albis, it is a Garage Plus recognized partner.
DFM Logistics for centurion air cargo

Centurion Cargo

Centurion is one of the leading cargo airlines operating to and from Latin America and No. 1 in the handling of live animals and perishable goods.
DFM Logistics for saint germain club zurich switzerland

St. Germain Ent. AG

The Saint Germain is an exclusive dining concept with lounge, Club and Event Location on the Bahnhofstrasse, in the heart of Zurich.
Friday and Saturday nights the restaurant turns into a club class for up to 300 guests.
In 2007, the Saint Germain by the readers of 20 Minutes to the best club in Zurich selected.


“DFM Logistics is a respectable and high quality Service Supplier...I did the right choice!”
Gino Di Nolfi

“I am very proud to collaborate with societies like DFM Logistics, a high standards transportation society.”
Alfonso Rey

“The great organization that DFM Consulting did in Our Club will last for years, i will keep in business with DFM Logistics.”
Carl Michael Hirschmann

Clients Support

DFM Logistics Premium Service

In order to guarantee the best service ever had in the logistics management, a high specialized employer will follow You step by step in troubleshooting.

Just mail us for all the support you need.


Contact Info

DFM Logistics is located in Küsnacht, near the Zürich City Center and is easily reachable by car or by bus from the Airport and even from the Central Station.

Do not hesitate from contacting us for further informations.

DFM Logistics

Krummackerstrasse 6,
CH 8700 Küsnacht.
Telephone: +41 (0) 79 514 08 03
FAX: +41 (0) 79 514 08 03
E-mail: MAIL ME

Our Location

DFM Logistics placed in Zurich
DFM Logistics is placed in a strategic position, in the center of Europe; just few minutes from the Zürich International Airport, one of the most important airports of all Europe, DFM Logistics is easily reachable from all european countries positioned on the north-east of Europe, such as Germany, Austria and France.



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